January 7, 2019

Student Travel Abroad Programs

Don’t just be a student in the classroom, be a student of the world. As a student, the focus can be getting to class on time, keeping your eye on the curriculum, and of course acing your courses so that you can land squarely on the coveted Dean’s List. While that’s all well and good, perhaps you’re feeling that familiar itch of wanderlust asking for your attention, challenging yourself to do something awe-inspiring. Traveling the world is one of those investments that allow you to reap the benefits in a life-changing way.

The great thing about being a student is that there are a wealth of great opportunities to tap into when it comes to traveling the world. You might be asking yourself, “How?” Well, I’ll tell you. Travel abroad programs are the key. Through student travel abroad programs, you can broaden your experience as a student to a global capacity, allowing you to learn new languages, dive into new cultures, and get lost and found along the way.

So now that the cat’s out of the bag, given your choice in discipline, age, and fluency (or lack thereof) in other languages, you might be wondering again, “How?” Well, I’ll answer that one for you too. In addition to some student travel abroad programs that your university might offer, there are a lot available to you at your fingertips. To simplify your research process, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite student travel abroad programs across the web (and across the world). But before we dive in, let’s cover some qualifications the travel abroad program for you should ideally check off:

Make Sure You Can Earn Credits Galore

While travel grants anyone who dares to indulge in it the kind of soul-speaking experiences that stays with them forever, you should look into programs that offer more than just the passport stamp and the geotag that says you’ve been there. Some students prefer to take a gap year and partake in travel then, but if you’re someone who prefers to par the course with their plan to graduate, only consider travel abroad programs that are offer academic credits. That way, any travel during the fall and/or spring semester won’t keep you x-amount of credits away from your class status.

Look For Programs That Prioritize Flexibility

One of our favorite words at Travoquest is “flexibility”. We believe it’s key to all things in life, but especially travel. When it comes to your average student, the fact that your major/discipline of choice requires certain classes to be hit (and the fact that sometimes those classes aren’t available year-round) might make traveling seem like it’s not at all feasible. But, have no fear, traveling the world is still possible, even with your academic obligations. The best student travel programs provide students with flexible start dates and duration times that allow them to see the world no matter what time of year it may be.

Support Is Provided To Help Assist With Costs

Arguably, the second most important aspect of traveling abroad is the affordability. Can you afford it? The best travel abroad programs will help you exclaim a resounding, “Yes!” They do so by providing you with breaks and assistance that ultimately help to offset costs and what you might otherwise have to provide out of pocket. This means financial support to students who are eligible and granting you access to scholarships that prove applicable. Studying abroad is for any and every student, regardless of your SES. So, if they aren’t pulling out all of the stops to help you get the opportunity funding, they aren’t the best travel abroad program for you.

Now that you’ve read up on how to find the travel abroad program that’s right for you, check out our curated list of programs below:

The 10 Best Student Travel Abroad Programs:

  1. CIEE Community Development, Language, and Culture in Iringa, Tanzania
  2. AIFS Study Abroad in Barcelona, UAB: Semester or Year
  3. College Year in Athens: Study Abroad in Greece
  4. Study Abroad & Spanish Immersion in Heredia, Costa Rica
  5. Meiji Academy - Study Japanese in Fukuoka, Japan
  6. AIFS Study Abroad in India
  7. CEA Study Abroad in Seville, Spain
  8. Travel For Teens: Berlin, Paris and London
  9. Mongolia: Nomadic Culture & Outdoor Adventure
  10. ISA Study Abroad in Auckland, New Zealand

Which place(s) are you most excited about traveling abroad to? Let us know in the comments down below!

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