December 2, 2018

Holiday Travel

5 Hacks To Save On Holiday Travel

It’s that time of year again! December is a month thatushers in the holiday spirit thanks to Christmas cheer and a farewell to theyear behind us when the new year arrives. We’re in a rush to put together last-minuteshopping lists, put in for our vacation time, and secure the cheapest traveldeals. If you’re looking for the best travel deals this season, you might thinkyou’re too late.

However, as with any time of year, there are some tried andtrue travel hacks that can help you save on your holiday travels. Here’s how.

Check Out YourFare-Tracking Tool Options

Nowadays, the options to track flight fares are endless. Siteslike Skyscanner, Google Flights, Momondo, and Hopper make it easy for anyonelooking for an idea of what the airfare for a particular route looks like. Asite like Google Flights can show you the cheapest prices available for your desired route by the calendar. While a site like Skyscanner will

Also, don’t be afraid to be flexible with your departure airport. Signing up for travel newsletters and travel alerts will allow you to receivedeals with your trip in mind directly to your inbox.

Be Open With TheDates You Choose To Fly

It might seem like a pain to travel on a holiday, but you’dbe surprised at the fact that you might be able to land a cheap flight ifyou’re open to traveling the day of. Per Google Flights, as of December 4, aflight from Atlanta to Columbia, SC, a roundtrip flight on the days surroundingChristmas Day can be between $297-$525. On Christmas day however, a 4-dayroundtrip is listed at $137. Not only is the price significantly cheaper, butyou’re likely to experience much less of a crowd.

Don’t Sleep On DIY Flight Routes

Want to save even more money? A great way to slice somemoney off your roundtrip ticket is to forgo the roundtrip ticket altogether.Instead, book two one-way flights. When you create your own flight path andlayovers, you tend to save more money than you would traveling directly to yourdestination non-stop. Additionally, also consider booking each one way flighton a different airline to ensure you’re getting the best flight.

Keep Package Deals InMind

What’s better than a flight? A bundle deal that includes a6-night stay at a hotel and a car rental of course! If family isn’t in mind forthe holiday season for you, consider package deals to some of the topdestinations around the country and the world. It’s a great way to explore,indulge, relax, and recharge, and you save so much money in the process. Vacationpackages can be found on most travel sites. For example, on Expedia, just clickon their Bundle and Save page. You’re bound to find cheap travel deals galore.

Travel During A DeadWeek Instead

If all else fails, postpone your travels until after theholidays. Aptly called a “dead week,” these timeframes typically land beforeand after major holidays every year. The reason they are called “dead” isbecause compared to other points throughout the year, travel is very low andinfrequent at this time as there is a decline. The dead week pre-Christmaslands on the 10 days after Thanksgiving, and the dead week post-Christmascomprises of the 10 days after New Year’s.

Let us know where you plan to travel to this season. Happyholidays!

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