January 1, 2019

Bucket List For 2019

As the new year, new me mindset takes helm during the first month of the year, more travel is definitely at the top of a lot of our lists. For me personally, 2019 is the year of the mantra “catch flights, not feelings” so without a doubt, making my travel bucket list and checking it twice is at the top of my priorities.

When we think of travel, the more common destinations of Paris, London, or even Tokyo easily come to mind. While those cities are beautiful and breathtaking in their own right, Airbnb is giving us a reason to add 19 additional destinations onto our radar (and less common travel destinations at that).

Their team of experts compiled a list of cities based on data stemming from booking trends in various cities across the globe.

Xiamen, China

This understated port city has a romantic air intermingled with an effortlessly cool laid-back vibe that attracts locals and travelers alike. In addition to its booming creative scene, Xiamen has something for the fitness lover with its newly minted Xiamen Cycling Skyway, which at 7.6 kilometers in length and 5 meters above ground is the longest elevated cycling path in the world. If biking is not your thing, check out Kulangsu, the island off the city’s coast. The island is vehicle-free, pedestrian-only, and perfect for anyone wishing to indulge in some incredible seafood and their piano museum.

Puebla, Mexico

We all are aware of the exceptional beauty Mexico as a country has to offer from touristy spots like Cancun, Mexico City, and nowadays even Oaxaca and Tulum. But, there’s more. Puebla is a two-hour drive from Mexico City and a dope departure from the usual with its colonial architecture, culinary history, and pottery. Visit Zona Arqueologica de Cholula, the Mesoamerican ruins, and the Pre-Columbian/Mexican art museum Amparo. The Estrella de Puebla is the city’s iconic observation wheel that offers picturesque views of Puebla.  

Normandy, France

France is an incredible country with so much to offer in history, culture, and of course, views. But often times, we don’t see past Paris. That’s where Normandy comes in. If you find yourself in the City of Lights, take a two-hour train to Normandy and revel in the evergreen landscapes that cascade in abundance, the architecture, and take a scenic view down Route du Camembert.

Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

When you hear Buenos Aires, your mind probably wanders to Argentina’s capital city of the same name. As its name suggests, Buenos Aires Province is a popular Argentinian province that’s length also encompasses the Atlantic coast, sprinkled with a bevy of popular forests and beach locations, which you can tour in a Unimog. You can explore Argentinian towns such as Tigre, as well as the mountainous city of Tandil. With its breathtaking architecture and colorful locations (including a busy craft market), you’re bound to fall in love with its magic.

Accra, Ghana

Africa contains an abundance of countries that contain some of the most remarkable cities in the world, that are often slept on - Accra being one of them. As of late, however, it’s been rising in the ranks as a pretty formidable global destination due to its culture and impact, and the spiritual connection many of its travelers seem to have with Accra and Ghana as a whole. Check out Accra’s must-see vast colorful bazaar Makola Market, and commune near the Independence Arch. The popular golden sand beaches along the Gulf of Guinea radiate paradise while providing a surge of nightlife on the Labadi and Kokrobite beaches.

Check out the remainder of Airbnb’s list of 19 destinations here:


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