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The Flight Board

The Flight Board is where we post all the flight deals. This feature will be your greatest tool for getting more bang for your buck.

Domestic and International Deals

Whether you're traveling domestically or internationally, we can save you hundreds per flight.

Browse flight deals at your convenience

Don't wait for flight alerts, discover cheap flights whenever you like.

Flight Alerts

Most deals are limited. The quicker you know about a deal, the quicker you can act on it.

Flight Deals for 100+ Cities

We understand people exist outside of major cities. We find deals for them too!

No Ads

With the Premium plan, you won't have to worry about annoying ads.

Flight Experts and Proprietary Tools

With the help of travel experts and proprietary tools, we're able to find some of the best flight deals online.

Peak Season and Holiday Flight Deals

Save money when it matters the most. We find deals during peak seasons and over the holidays.

Join thousands and start saving on flights today. Travel once and save hundreds. Make travel a lifestyle and save thousands.

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This plan is unlimited. You'll gain access to all the flight deals, plus additional perks.
Flight Alerts. Get emailed flight alerts sent directly to your inbox.
Access to the Flight Board. Hundreds of deals are posted to the flight board daily.
Domestic and International. We seek out deals for domestic and international travelers alike.
Browse Flight Deals at Your Convenience. You don't have to wait for flight alerts. Discover deals on the Flight Board.
Priority Flight Alerts. Premium users get flight alerts first.
Peak Season Flights. We find deals during peak seasons as well.
Holiday Flights. Travel when it matters the most.
No Ads. Don't worry about annoying ads.
Cancel Anytime. No contracts. Feel free to cancel anytime.
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While you won't have access to all the premium perks, you'll still get amazing flight deals.
Flight Alerts. Get emailed flight alerts sent directly to your inbox.
Delayed Alerts. Flight alerts will be sent (1 hour) after the premium users receive their alerts.
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