Q: Can I cancel my subscription?

A: Yes, you can cancel and perform other actions regarding your subscription any time by contacting us at [email protected]

Q: What is the flight board?

A: The flight board is where all deals are posted. Travelers are able to access the board any time they want and peruse our curated flight deals that are posted on the board daily at their leisure. It's perfect for travelers who wish to take the guess work out of the equation and not feel the need to "wait" on email alerts and instead track down flight deals of their own manually. Only Premium members get access to the flight board.

Q: How many deals are posted to the flight board?

A: Hundreds throughout the week. It’s constantly changing though. About 50-75 flight deals will be shown at a given time. A deal will drop from the board when it expires.

Q: Will I be able to change my plan?

A: Of course! Our plans are flexible. We allow you to upgrade or downgrade your current plan at any time.

Q: How often are flight deals sent?

A: Often. We are constantly searching for flight deals and as soon as we find one, we send it!

Q: How cheap are the flights?

A: We have found deals saving travelers up to 90% on domestic and international flights.

Q: How does the refund policy work?

A: We offer a refund of your subscription within the first 30 days. After the first 30 days, you could simply cancel the subscription and you will not be charge anymore moving forward.

Q: How do you upgrade from Free to Premium?

A: Log into your account and go to the dashboard. From there you will have the option to upgrade or downgrade. You will again access to the flight board immediately upon upgrading.

Q: Will the flight alerts be different between the Free members and the Premium members?

A: Yes, the free members will get emails 1 hour after the Premium members and they will only be notified about 25% of the deals.

Q: Which cities do you find flight deals for?

A: We try to find flight deals for all the major cities as well as the not so popular ones. So, in other words, we like to provide balance.

Q: Will all the deals be for roundtrips?

A: Most of them. Every now and then will send a flight alert about an insane deal that's a one-way trip. It's rare, but we have in the past.

Q: What is the dates on the board doesn’t show?

A: That means the deal has expired. Just like deals are added to the board daily, deals expire and fall off of the board as well.

Q: If I upgrade and don’t like it, could I downgrade back to the free version without unsubscribing all the way?

A: Of course! Even if you don't wish to continue the commitment, we can still be friends! Even if you canceled completely, you can still stay subscribed to the flight alerts that allow you to stay in the know for free-free.

Q: Will we buy the flights directly through Travoquest?

A: No, we’ll redirect you to other sites to buy. We simply let you know the there's a deal and where you can find it.

Q: How often does the same deal come around?

A: It depends on the destination. If it's REALLY good, not that often.

If you have any more questions and/or concerns, feel free to contact us at [email protected]